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Logbook from S.Y. Stardust

Here we go again !

7 months in the same area, this is our new record !!! Time to do some offshore sailing again …


Asylum at WYCN

“Anchor up” and 2 miles against the current around the northern tip of Rhinplate Island, then course on Wischhafen. An hour before flooding we are in front of the entrance, everything totally easy – just keep a good eye on the ferries.


On the run …

Waiting like a sheep on the pasture for the evil wolf is not an option. Big cities are particularly good incubators for viruses. Our plan: as soon as the first cases show up in Hamburg we’ll set sails for Hooksiel

Germany vs. China

Overwintering in the City Sporthafen Hamburg was on the way, the first thing to do was to ensure a warm boat. At 50 cents the kilowatt hour, a cheap electric heating fan was out of the question.


The Belgians love music no matter where you go – there is always a radio playing somewhere, even in the showers of the yacht club!

Tot ziens Nederland

After 3 days rest we started the last stage of the “Staande Mast Route South”. After only 2 nautical miles, the Hollandse Ijssel flows into the Hollandsch Diep.


Holy cow, the weather is absolut “crap”, since 5 days only rain and strong winds from south-west.


Thursday, the 16th of September 09:00 o’clock – all curtains on board stay closed so that we do not have to see the weather misery!


Ijmuiden – Lisse

Saturday & Sunday were spent at the Seaport Marina Ijmuiden. We used the time for laundry, engine check and clean up the mess on board.

Staande Mast Route

After a quiet night in the middle of Mother Nature, the journey continued through the Dokkumer Grootdiep, our destination for the day is Leeuwarden.

Lauwersoog (NL)

Monday, 2 AM we’re leaving Norderney. Underway with the main sail in the first reef and engine support.

Heading West

Hooksiel is always a pleasant stop, very friendly and helpful people, the place spotless clean with lots of green as well as the marina in the middle of nature and splendid showers (no annoying push button every 10 seconds).

East Frisia

Ostfriesland (East Frisia) is a region in Lower Saxony in the extreme northwest of Germany.


Monday, 09/09/2019 – 10:00 – Anchor up and towards Hooksiel lock.


Day 2

After 6 hours at anchor in Brunsbüttel, the journey continues at 10.30 am towards the North Sea.

Day 1

finally, here we go again “on the run from the cold & wet german winter. This time with 2 boats, 2 solo sailors, 1 destination, the sunny southern coast of Spain.