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Asylum at WYCN

“Anchor up” and 2 miles against the current around the northern tip of Rhinplate Island, then course on Wischhafen. An hour before flooding we are in front of the entrance, everything totally easy – just keep a good eye on the ferries.

Entrance of Wischhafen

We only crossed the Elbe but what a difference, thousands of geese & ducks are at home here – pure nature, according to our taste!

pure natur!

Then on the port side the jetty – jesus this thing is endless! Normally we like to lie down at the end of jetties but this is a bit too far from the beat here, besides we only saw a motorboat at the very beginning of the facility.

Stardust tight up and off we go with the bike over the dike to Wischtown-City … gas station with gas bottles, great – the galley doesn’t get cold, 2 discounters, a baker who still bakes himself, a butcher, DHL and 2 banks, everything there – here you can stay longer!

In the afternoon, harbour master Uwe comes on board with Mrs. Anette for a chat, we get along right away. Uwe is also an avid aviator, the best way to brag about my drone. The air show started quite well despite the strong wind to the point where I tried to fly under a bridge – crosswind grabbed the little Spark and it smashed against a pillar, immediately he dived into the South Elbe and has been on the road as a submarine ever since. Nevertheless, Uwe was so enthusiastic that he ordered a drone on Amazon that same evening, since 2 crazy guys have found themselves.

since the Spark got replaced with a Xiaomi Fimi A3

4 days later the big lockdown, visitors are no longer allowed in the harbour – immediately I was accepted as a member of the yacht club, deeply impressed by the helpfulness of this dear community I offered to create a website for the club – the proposal was enthusiasticly accepted.

Stardust on the WYCN slip
Stardust on the WYCN slip

The next 3 months passed so fast and rarely did we feel as comfortable as in Wischhafen, many new friends gained but the lockdown is over and the ocean calls again – thank you for everything, we will come back !!!

P.S. please don’t forget to spoil my ducks with raisin bread from time to time 🙂

Josephime and Napoleon
Josephine & Napoleon at breakfast,
For over 2 months Josephine & Napoleon picked up their treats every day and slept at night at the jetty next to the Stardust!