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Here we go again !

7 months in the same area, this is our new record !!! Time to do some offshore sailing again …


Asylum at WYCN

“Anchor up” and 2 miles against the current around the northern tip of Rhinplate Island, then course on Wischhafen. An hour before flooding we are in front of the entrance, […]


On the run …

Waiting like a sheep on the pasture for the evil wolf is not an option. Big cities are particularly good incubators for viruses. Our plan: as soon as the first […]

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Hamburg – Gibraltar

on the run from the cruel German WInter. With the S.Y. Stardust from Hamburg, along the English coast,Brittany,Biscay,Galicia as far as Gibraltar.


Gibraltar – Hamburg

Photos from the return trip “Gibraltar to Hamburg” in spring 2019 with the S.Y. Stardust. With pit stop in Galicia, Le Camaret and Poole.



Photos from Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Sailing on the West African coast with the catamaran SUNJET, a Beneteau Blue 2 .

Gambia River

The Gambia

The Gambia (West Africa) – 350 kilometers upstream to Basse, just before the Senegalese border. with the catamaran Sunjet, a Beneteau Blue 2

French Guyana

French Guyana

French Guyana (South America) – in the footsteps of Papillon.. The Iles du Salut. Sailing with the catamaran Sunjet, a Beneteau Blue 2.


the magnificent white beaches of the Tobago Cays in the Grenadiens

Stardust FM

In Hamburg, we fell asleep while listening to the radio, either always the same sound from the 70s, 80s & 90s or permanent adverts with short music interruptions. So we decided to create our own station. No chat, only cool club sound non-stop. Of course you are welcome to listen in.

We have also created an app for Android phones & tablets that you can download here. Let’s pump it up!


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We’re happy to hear from you and answer questions asap … thanks to our new radio equipment we’ll receive your mails at high seas too 🙂